This guy has built a TV studio & produced a show that looks like Ellen’s just to get her invitation

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This guy has built a TV studio & produced a show that looks like Ellen’s just to get her invitation

This guy has built a TV studio & produced a show that looks like Ellen’s just to get her invitation


Have you ever had a dream, which was so unreal, that you just gave up on believing in it? If the answer is yes, you should change the way you see your goal and focus on the most powerful motivational tool. This is a story about a young man, who decided to stop waiting for a miracle and show that making your dreams come true is all about… visualizing them!

A few days ago the Polish media spread around the information about a Polish guy who was invited to the Ellen DeGeneres' talk show. A great success for Łukasz Jakóbiak, a popular Polish YouTuber! The thing is, a few days later it surfaced that it was all a mystification. Was it only a joke? Absolutely not! It was the way to make a dream come true!
Łukasz Jakóbiak, a popular Polish journalist and motivational speaker believes that the best way to accomplish one’s dreams is to visualize them. Since his biggest dream is to be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres' talk show in Los Angeles, he decided to make it happen by recreating this potential meeting. He put a lot of effort into making his dream come true – he built a copy of her studio and found a woman who looks remarkably like Ellen. The video, which he published on his new YouTube channel is a visualization level up and is expected to draw Ellen’s attention to his job.

This project is about dream visualization, setting new goals and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. If you don't challenge yourself, you don't change yourself. And I love making progress and getting to know myself, because it helps me in pushing my limits

- Jakóbiak said.

Talk-show in his own tiny apartment? Sure!

Jakóbiak started his journey 5 years ago. As no one wanted to give him a good job in the media, he decided to hire himself. YouTube seemed to be the best platform to take matters into his own hands. The main idea was to show real conversations with real people. What he needed was a studio and equipment, but he could not afford it, so Łukasz started recording in his tiny apartment using a cellphone camera.
In this way he created his own talk-show and managed to persuade famous people to come to his studio flat. From the very beginning and still now, when Łukasz has decidedly more resources, it's much more about people and their stories, than money spent on production. Nonetheless, one has to appreciate how in a few years he was able to achieve so much and meet so many people from all the magazine covers in Poland. In his studio flat he has hosted the most popular Polish celebrities and even the Polish President. He has also interviewed stars such as Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski, and Anastacia. What's more, he was nominated for the most important TV award in Poland and gave more than 100 motivational lectures during the last year.

If Ellen sees the movie and finds it as a creative way to make a dream come true – I’ve already won. But if she considers me crazy enough to actually come to the show, it will be the realization of a dream visualization. It would be a proof that we can achieve more than we might think

- Jakóbiak said.

LUCAS JACOBIAK BE AWESOME - YouTube https://w...

Interview with Łukasz Jakóbiak

1. Why did you choose The Ellen DeGeneres Show?

I like Ellen, but I also like other tv show hosts. I chose Ellen, because I think she will appreciate it. Like many people, I also admire her courage. I had four surgeries done on my eyes and because of my health problems and social status, I felt marginalized. I had to stop waiting for life to happen and start living it.

2. How did you manage to create a copy of Ellen's studio?

We used 3D printers to create those elements which we couldn't buy. The Mug and Ellen's album I myself brought from LA. The photo on the screen was taken by my friend from LA. She looked for the place where it had been taken originally and she managed to find it. The dance at the end is the exact same one that Ellen did with Michelle Obama. Beata, who played Ellen's role, is not an actress so she had to put a lot of effort into this. “My” Ellen is also dubbed because it was really important for me to give her an American accent. I spent almost 3 years working on this project.

3. Did everything go according to the plan?

After the video has been published, I realized that there are some negative voices because of a misunderstanding. Some people didn't notice the subtitles at the beginning and thought me a liar. They didn't understand the idea of visualization. "This is not Ellen, it's a fake" - they wrote in comments. Well, it is fake but that was mentioned at the beginning of the video. This material is only meant to draw Ellen’s attention.

4. What is your primary goal?

I would like to finally compare the material from my visualization with the material from me actually visiting her show. I would also want to make happen certain things I wasn't able to afford. For example, hiring a large group of people who can play the audience was too expensive. We only had about 70 people. I covered the entire cost of video production by myself. I would also like to show Ellen, what is in the collar of my shirt. It was made three years ago specifically for this occasion. I bring this topic up in my visualization - this is a little wink at Ellen. My stories that I tell during the interview are true. Just as the moment when I call my mother. She didn't know the truth. I explained her what was going on later.

5. What will you do if Ellen does not invite you to the program? Do you have a plan B?

I am fully aware of the benefits of my hypothetical meeting with Ellen. One thing I know is that I would regret it if I hadn't tried. If Ellen does not invite me, I will also learn from it. I will draw conclusions, think over what went wrong. I can only blame myself, no one else.

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